Difference Between An Entrepreneur And A Businessman

Difference entrepreneur businessman

It’s a thin line of difference between an Entrepreneur and a businessman. But, to keep it simple,

businessman is a person who just do business. He works on a business model, generates profits, provide jobs to others, contribute in the growth of his company etc. He/She has that experience and skills to execute a given idea, in the best money minded way.

Whereas, an entrepreneur who perform all the above functions but in an innovative way. An entrepreneur tries to do something new, something cool that no one had tried yet or try the old thing in an innovative way. He/She is usually the person with an out of the box idea and a will to implement it practically.

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So, the literal definition of entrepreneur is anyone who runs or organizes a business enterprise with high risk and initiative. A Businessman is simply any person engaged in business. No requirement of initiative or risk is necessary to be a businessman. 

Thus, not all businessmen are entrepreneurs, but all entrepreneurs are businessmen.

Also, An entrepreneur is the one who is at the epicentre of the things right from the start i.e. he is the one trying to assemble all the resources as well as formulate the business plan for a successful startup. 

businessman, is generally a person involved in a business trying to generate cash flow or sales or revenue via various combinations of human, financial and intellectual capital.
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