This Is How I Wrote My First Blog Post!

Thinking.. I started thinking for the ideas.. Ideas for my new blog. And as I began to think more it started becoming harder and harder.. No ideas found. 

I opened my laptop and thought of writing something important. Something that will give value to the people. But what does people want to know? And how I am going to tell them about that thing? Am I good at something? So good that I might help few people on that particular topic? Umm.. I don’t think so!

Then who am I?
Okay let’s just start with the name.
My name is Vinay Mundhe and I'm currently living in Nashik, India.

What do I do?
I'm studying Mechanical engineering from a private engineering institute. “Hmm.. you are studying in a private engineering college? That means you are not that much good in studies!” (You will understand this if you are living in India as Government colleges are ranked higher and also considered prestigious by society).

Yes, that is right. I'm Just an average engineering student who sucks in academics.
Wait.. There’s a thing that I can tell you guys. I know how to edit videos and I also make Top 10 videos for my YouTube channel along with a friend. And I'm earning some money from it.

But does that make me someone special? Hell no. I'm just an ordinary guy who is still confused and worried about what I'm going to do when I graduate from college. So instead of studying hard and try to get some good marks so that I can increase my possibilities of getting a good job, I am currently writing this.

I didn't have any idea about what to write, so I started writing whatever that comes into my mind.

Why I'm writing this?
I'm writing this because I'm loving it. I had never written anything before and I was confused about what to write on this blog just before I began writing this article. But as I started writing whatever that comes to my mind, it started getting easier.

Yes, you just have to write it down.
So.. for now, I can say that I will write anything that comes into my mind and will try to make sure that you guys find it useful too or at least, thoughtful! See, I think I almost finished writing my first ever blog post. 

Let me know what you guys think of this post and if you have a blog and already written your first blog post, then comment your link to the post below. I w'd love to check it out and learn from you. 
And the Journey begins. Yay! :)
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