Connect Your Domain Email To Gmail Without SMTP (Forwarding-only Address)

connect Domain email with gmail

Recently, Gmail has made some changes in their add alias policy. Due to this many people are having hard time to connect email forwarding that they got with their domain for free and integrate it with Gmail.

Before this, we used to be able to go to Accounts and Import  Add another email address you own and add an email account that's only a forwarding address. That’s it.
Gmail would send us a confirmation email to that address, we’d confirm it's ours, and done. Now it only gives us the option to add SMTP credentials and Domain providers like GoDaddy doesn’t give SMTP for free forwarding only addresses.

But luckily I found a solution to this after searching for half an hour on a web forum.

First, create a forwarding address

Go to your domain provider’s site and check if you have got free email forwarding with your domain. Go to my account- email section and create an email forwarding address as shown here.

Integrate it with Gmail

No open Gmail. Go to Settings- Accounts and Import  Add another email address you own.
You now need to provide details for an SMTP server which will be used to send the mail.
However, you can simply use the Gmail SMTP server, as long as you use Google two-step authentication. 

Full Steps:
  1. Gmail settings, Accounts and Import tab.
  2. Add another email address you own
  3. Type name and email address to be added. Untick treat as an alias.
Connect domain email
  1. For SMTP Server, put
  2. For Username, your full Gmail address including
  3. For password, provide an App Password generated in Google Accounts at 
  4. Leave Secured connection using TLS selected as is.
  5. Add Account 
Gmail smtp to connect forwarding

You might get a ‘not found 404’ page after you type the SMTP credentials and hit ‘Save changes’. Do not worry, Just try again and it will work.
That’s it, it will do the work. You will receive a confirmation email in your inbox. 

I have set this up for myself and its working fine. You do not have to use an SMTP server that matches the domain of the email address. You only have to use an SMTP server. So as long as you have access to any SMTP server, you can set up forwarders or an unlimited number of email addresses.
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