How To Generate Blog Post Ideas When Your Brain Isn’t Helping You

How To Generate Blog Post Ideas

As a blogger, many times your brain refuse to come up with new ideas for blog posts. For me it feels like different seasons, sometimes I get so many ideas that it becomes difficult to implement all of them. And sometimes, nothing comes out and it leads to disappointment.

Same thing happened to me today and I was worried about what to write next. Since successful blogs depend on consistent and fresh content, it’s necessary to write good stuff regularly even when you have no idea what to write. I searched on the internet and found some quite good articles on this particular topic. I thought why not to write a post about this thing itself?

Here are some quick ways to get the ideas for your next blog post:

Take Notes

I bet, you get a lots of brilliant ideas during the whole day. The ones that make you think, “Oh, I should make a note of that,” but then you get distracted and never actually make a note! It’s time to finally start writing that stuff down. The good, the bad, the weird – make notes of every blog post idea you have throughout your day. This way, you’ll have the ideas available to you whenever your brain starts to fail you. You can carry a short notebook for that, or even a Notes App on your smartphone will work.

Read like crazy

Stephen King, famous author gave really good advice for writers and I actually think it applies perfectly to blogging, too. He says: “If you want to be a writer, you must do two things above all others: read a lot and write a lot.” Start reading the blogs that focus on your blog niche. Take notes from their blogs or ideas that will inspire you to write on. Obviously, this does not mean that you should steal someone else’s content. Instead, start subscribing to blogs that leave you feeling inspired. Also, pick up a book. It’s good for the brain.

Find a different angle on your older posts

You might have the fear of repeating yourself but don’t worry. You can always find a new angle or prospective on your older posts. This way you can again share your expertise on your niche with a new side. Also you can extend your posts further or add something to it with a part 2. So, check if you have such a post and see if you can reconstruct it in a new way.

Scan Social Media, Forums and Other Online Communities 
Scan social media pages, forums and communities about your niche. Even sites like Quora can be of great help.
One trick that works well is to go to reddit and find a subreddit that’s relevant to what your blog is about. Example would be /r/entrepreneur
Next, do a search in that subreddit for “how do you” — this will bring up a list of posts where people are trying to learn new things or solve challenges.

Addressing those issues is a clear win, and it also gives you a great place to come back and share your content. Same can be done on Quora. You can find the questions people asking about your niche. Just create a post answering those problems and leave a link their (on Quora) for the readers.
Write a post that you avoided before
If you’ve been blogging for a while, I’m betting there is a post you’ve wanted to write, but you just avoided it. It kind of floats in the back of your mind, but when you actually think about creating it, you feel slightly uneasy. Maybe it’s a post that requires a bit more research than you are used to doing. Whatever the case, my recommendation is this: write the damn thing. In my experience, those ideas that you just can’t seem to shake are often the ones that best represent who you are. And that’s what makes you different than other bloggers out there.
Go outside, Do things, experience more
Experiencing different new things in life can cultivate your creativity. Possibly, you find yourself focusing on the same things daily or maybe you are just so busy that your mind feels clouded. If that’s the case, try prioritizing new experiences. Get out there and see the world. Wake up your tired brain by adding adventure to your life, and I promise you, you will start to feel fresh and creative along with the great new ideas.
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