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About Me

Vinay MundheHello guys,
My name is Vinay Mundhe. I’m 21 years old and a mechanical engineering student living in Nashik, MH, India.

I pursue blogging as a hobby. This is my new found interest.

I’m an avid reader. I love reading a lot. This reading habit have turned me to think myself as a writer. I wanted to taste myself if I can write as well or not. Hence the blog.

Other than that, the driving force for me to start this blog is that I love to motivate you guys. I like to inspire you so that you can do the things you always dreamed of doing. And by motivating you, I also get inspired to do more passionate work as well as improve myself as a person. So expect some blog posts related to this topic.

Also I have a lot of interest in making videos, editing of the videos and directing as well. I run a YouTube channel along with a friend which makes Top 10 rankings videos. And in nine months from initial start, we have managed to earn descent amount of money from it. In this span, I got to know many things related with YouTube and how it works. So I will share this information with you guys from time to time.

So this is me. I will update this ‘About me’ page as the blog progresses and as I will be able to write like a pro. :)
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